Blowing and Printing Technology

Blowing and Printing Technology

Nylon bags are the most commonly used packaging in the present life.
Before the 1960s, no one ever thought that cheap plastic bags could replace paper bags,
Thanks to the technology of plastic plastic bag production, this product has just started to develop
Until today.

PE material when going to the plastic bag factory is usually plastic, before the production of PE material
Can be further processed with some additives to add some features such as:
- EPI and D2W (1-2%) to make the bag self-destruct.
Anti-blocking: used to prevent the plastic film from sticking together, in addition,
It makes the LDPE bag easier to open (slippery, slip-on).
- UVI (ultraviolet): is an ultraviolet ray, this type of radiation can reduce the mechanical strength and do
fade colored plastic bag.

Nylon bags are made of PolyEthylene (PE). And the production process consists of three main steps: extrusion-blowing,
Low cost plastic bag printing and finishing design:

Step 1: Extrusion - blown film
This is the most important step in the production process of plastic bags.
Plastic granules are introduced into the extruder, which is then melted under controlled conditions to make them
They are hot and pliable (about 380oF). Next they are pressed - extruded through a tube form.
While at a high temperature one end of the tube is fixed and blown to form a bubble
and advanced, the old fashioned will extend to the desired size and thickness.
When the height is about 20 - 35 feet, the membrane cools and is formed as a double layer when passing through the slot
Includes 2 rollers. It is then rolled into rolls of film.

Step 2: Stitch printing
The film rolls are transferred to the plastic bag printing unit. Depends on maket design with print color number
and the number of print bags ... the printing of plastic bags will be processed by grid printing, gravure printing or flexo printing.
However, if printing large bags, printing gravure is best.

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