Zipper bags, zipper bags are popular in the market today


The zipper bag is not to be confused with the zipper bag.

Zippered, safe and convenient wrapping bag with clasp lock, this bag is made of PE material with good mechanical strength to store electronic goods - construction material private, or packaged some household items.

 túi zipper đáy đứng

                                                                                              Zipper bag

Zippered zipper bags are durable, flexible, designed with a lock, sealed mouth without the use of a cord, the air can not get into the bag, help keep the bag in the safe.
Common types of zipper bags

+) Zipper bottom bag

+) Silver zipper bag

+) Transparent zipper bag

+) Zippered pocket with zipper (zipper pocket)

+) Complex zipper bag

+) Food bag zipper

 túi zipper các loại

                                                                                       zipper bottom bag
A few introduction for each zippe bag

+) Bottom zipper bag: A bag with a vertical stand, pressed can push out and stand on the plane. Used for liquid, liquid and granular foods. Instead of plastic cups occupy a large area, why do not you try the bottom zipper bags stand beside us to take the picnic drinks, go out ... more convenient when you do not use you can lock the mouth of the bag again. by stroking the edges.


túi zip đáy đứng

                                                                                            zipper bottom bag

+) Silver zipper bag: The food bag is a kind of powder, liquid ... waterproof, sticky, tough and not visible inside because it is coated with a layer of silver outside.

 túi zipper hai mặt bạc

                                                                                          Silver zipper bag

+) Transparent zipper bag: This bag has a red or white locking ring for: medicine, small items, containers, etc. The price of this zipper bag is quite cheap and can hold the items you want.

 túi zipper trong suốt

                                                                                          White zipepr pocket

+) Handle zipper bag: also known as mango zipper bag, zipper bag with handle convenient for moving objects. This zipper bag is often used for clothing, cosmetics, toys

+) Complex zipper bag: also known as a composite film zipper bag: is a zipper with strong packaging, used to print copper pipes, help preserve the product long and retain the flavor and color of the product. , waterproof, moisture resistant, shock resistant when carrying goods when away.

túi zipper 2

                                                                                          Complex zipper bag

+) Food zipper bag: Helps to protect fresh fruits and vegetables from the effects of external influences, anti-damp. The bag is made of high quality plastic, carefully processed, safe for health and environmentally friendly. A versatile zipper bag can be used to defrost food in a high temperature environment such as in a microwave oven.

Zipper bags and tips may not be known

  In the market today, zipper bags must not be too strange for customers because of durability and convenience, reasonable price, affordable. There are things about zipper bags, tips or use zipper bags you may not know, please follow our article offline!

 túi zip

                                                                                                  zipper bag

First, zipper bags are also called ziplock bags, air tight, safe, convenient packaging with a claw clamp, food protection, preventing air from leaking outward or sideways. in. Simple design, easy to use anytime, anywhere.
Good tip for zipper bags

1) For transparent zipper bags, especially for this type of bag, it is very durable and durable, withstanding temperatures in the microwave, it is easy to defrost food with just a few simple operations. First, you take frozen food, put it in a zipper bag, clamp the edge, and then put it in the microwave at the right temperature. Save time for housewife mothers, sisters love to the kitchen.

2) Instead of picnic picnic we also need a place to store the cups, why do not we use zipper bags to drink. Zipper bags can contain liquid foods, water. You just pour the water and put it in a zipper bag, when you do not use it you can claw the edges and folding, both convenient and can save space instead of bringing the cup.

3) When you are injured but no ice, choose a zipper bag because it is a smart choice. Use sponges, water and sponge in a zipper bag, lock your mouth and place it in the fridge freezer for a few minutes, then you just put on and put on the wound.

4) Another small tube or for housewives, to prepare a quick meal with a zipper bag, put the white and red into a zipper bag, spice it up, taste it, then tie the zipper bag with chun, bring to boil and then pick out, you can eat with bread.

5) The zipper bag can also be water resistant, protecting your belongings as a phone ...

6) Zipper bags can be used to pack small items in a compact way when you prepare to go far, wet.

7) Make ice bags easily without rituals

Here are some good tips on zipper bags that you may not know, so hesitate, choose this convenient and smart product for your family.

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