Take food in plastic bags and refrigerate: You are killing yourself yourself without knowing it

One of the bad habits that every housewife seems to have is the use of nylon bags for fresh food right after the purchase.

Put food in plastic bag and put it in refrigerator - Habits of many housewives

It can be said, in modern life as today, the convenience in consumption, living is always appreciated. One of the indispensable items is plastic disposable. Typically, plastic is plastic.

Perhaps, never walk into any restaurant to buy food or clothing, shoes ... you do not use plastic bags to hold. After paying for the goods, you will be the owner of the item to buy in a plastic bag.

Đựng thực phẩm vào túi ni lông rồi nhét tủ lạnh: Bạn đang tự tay giết chết chính mình mà không hay biết - Ảnh 1.

Difficult words can express all the convenience with the super cheap price of plastic bags. With cheap price can store a lot of different items so the purchase amount to buy the bag is also large.

Especially with sellers, nobody is free to think of this kind of bag material to put the stuff you sell to customers, such as fabric bags, paper bags ...

Nylon bags vary in their thickness, depending on their needs, and they are cheap to sellers and convenience to shoppers.

Because cheap, because the luggage, nylon bags are being used rampant, not properly. At first glance, this kind of bag poses the problem of environmental pollution.

Next comes the health hazards from the plastic that makes up the plastic bag that is likely to get out of the container, where we discuss food issues.

One of the bad habits that every housewife seems to have is the use of fresh nylon food bags at the time of purchase, or the harvest of fruit and vegetables at home but not processed. Immediately turn the plastic bag to the refrigerator used gradually.

Misconceptions about the use of refrigerators, surrender everything to the refrigerator as today, causing consumers to take the disease.

Đựng thực phẩm vào túi ni lông rồi nhét tủ lạnh: Bạn đang tự tay giết chết chính mình mà không hay biết - Ảnh 2.

Proper preservation of food is important, so that it is safe to process and use.

If you eat improperly preserved foods, either before or after cooking is likely to cause illness. Plastic bags generally contain hazardous chemicals.

Many studies claim that plastic bags threaten human life

A study by the University of Pennsylvania showed that food in plastic bags or plastic bags generally poses health risks in terms of the chemical composition of BPA and DEHP. BPA is associated with obesity and a larger waistline among children and adolescents.

According to the National Institute of Nuclear Research (NTP) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), BPA also affects the brain that slows down development, causes hepatitis, endocrine disorders and born. This is also a substance that can cause extremely high cancer.

Đựng thực phẩm vào túi ni lông rồi nhét tủ lạnh: Bạn đang tự tay giết chết chính mình mà không hay biết - Ảnh 3.

The plastic bags are made from high density polyethylene or low density polyethylene and are usually labeled with 2 or 4 labels.

When food is stored in plastic bags, these chemicals can be absorbed into the food and then absorbed into the body, including the food-wrapped form.

Over time, chemicals in the plastic bag will change the tissue, genetic damage, chromosomal abnormalities, miscarriage, congenital deformities, early puberty, and hormonal changes.

In children, chemicals contained in plastic bags can harm the immune system and stimulate disruption of behavioral and cognitive problems.

Researchers from the past have always been the alarm bell for limiting the use of plastic bags as little as possible, but it seems that these are not enough to awaken consumers.

Especially the habit of storing food in plastic bags and then throwing them into the fridge slowly seems to everyone doing this way. Will the removal of nylon and refrigerated foods reduce or increase the risk of these scars?

Taking food in plastic bags pushed into the refrigerator increases the chances of getting the disease from the plastic bag

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (former lecturer of Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology, Hanoi University of Technology), food in plastic bags before being put in the refrigerator is good because it does not smell. smell in the fridge.

For example, jackfruit, durian was peeled without putting into the plastic bag before placing the refrigerator, the smell will intensify, very unpleasant for many days later.

"However, the use of plastic bags wrapped in food generally will lead to the possibility of food intolerance, which is harmful to health as we get absorbed into the body.

It is best not to preserve food wrapped in a refrigerator for a long period of time. As a result, the plastic has the ability to dissolve higher, especially for products containing water, salt, salts, acids, fat, "said Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh.

According to him, if used properly plastics in general will be very good, ensure the convenience, convenience for you. Regrettably, the state management mechanism is very loose and can not control the production as well as the use of plastics, which can lead to health consequences.

Đựng thực phẩm vào túi ni lông rồi nhét tủ lạnh: Bạn đang tự tay giết chết chính mình mà không hay biết - Ảnh 4.

"Plastic bags are much more secure than plastic bags made of transparent plastic. If we use bags of blue, red, yellow ... or opaque white bags to pack food or anything else is not healthy.

And whether plastic bags or any other plastic, we should not be abusive.

According to Thinh, plastic bags bought in the market, especially the blue, red ... are actually not used to store food as well as put in the refrigerator.

"This is a bag made from recycled plastics, toxic, the ability to stop poisoning, so that they penetrate food is unavoidable. If the food is cooked, wet, salted, stored in these bags and refrigerated, the risk is higher.

The resin is a highly toxic recycled resin composed of recycled plastics and unspecified origin, added to the mix for recycling. "

He added that the PE film, which is considered to be of good quality, should not be abused as there is a risk of food contamination.

We should use it after putting the food in the refrigerator 1-2 times. Pulling out and then wrapping plastic bags into multiple use later also makes the bacteria produce faster, not only the ability to stop the infection but also the food itself is also invasive bacteria.

"The PE film, which is transparent, has been praised in food safety, is it still safe now?

Even porcelain and pottery we think are safe, they actually have a lot of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, copper and even mercury. infected with metal.

If not more then they will be eliminated body, if heavy then go to poison metal. That said, let's say that plastic bags, plastics in general or anything that makes life more comfortable has its downsides and consumers have to know how to use them wisely. " Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh said.


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