Hanoi University of Science and Technology successfully studied plastic bags made from cassava powder, durable and tough than ordinary plastic bags, the price is only 1.5 times higher

Polymer Research Center of Hanoi University of Technology has successfully researched the plastic bag which is more durable and durable than ordinary plastic bags, made from cassava powder but only 1.5 times higher.

Using plastic bags is a problem that environmental experts have a headache to find solutions. The use of alternative paper bags or decomposable materials is ineffective because their cost and convenience are not comparable to traditional plastic bags enough for people to change themselves. Daily use habits.

Recently, scientists from the Research Center for Polymer Materials of the Hanoi University of Technology have successfully fabricated a plastic bag made of cassava powder combined with bioplastics, said to be able to produce It replaces the hard plastic bags on the market today.

According to the test results, this new bag has greater durability, tough than normal plastic bags. The main raw material for making bags is cassava powder, combined with bioplastics so it is not too expensive, only 1.5-2 times larger than traditional plastic bags. And because it is made from environmentally-friendly bio-based materials, it can be buried and decomposed like normal bio-waste after use.

The amount of cassava pulp used in the production of this bag will be from 35 to 40%, the rest is biodegradable plastic. And with its durable, environmentally friendly character, but the cost of production is not so expensive, researchers at Hanoi University of Technology plan to produce and sell this product to the market. Domestic as well as serving export demand abroad.

In fact, in the world and in Vietnam, there have been many successful researches on the use of starch to produce eco-friendly plastic bags. For example, in 2017, Nguyen Cam Kieu Thanh and Nguyen Cam Binh Minh used cassava starch with silver nanoparticles to create a bag that is resistant to bacteria, durable and tough but can decompose when taken away. bury.

As in other countries in the world, potatoes are used as a source of starch to produce organic plastic bags that can be broken down in the wild. However, most of the inventions have not solved the problem of cost and price to the acceptable level as research of Hanoi University of Technology.
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